BMW M1 Red Lobster 1981 Print

BMW M1 Print
Car driven by David Cowart and Kenper Miller
  • Starting in 2006, the Foundation decided to create a series of prints to celebrate the key BMWs that have raced in the U.S.  We started with the 3.5CSL from 1976 and have been working our way through the decades.  We are planning to do about 12 prints to the collection.  Buyers have had the opportunity to get the same numbered print each time they buy in the series.  This set is commissioned by the Foundation and exclusively for the Foundation. Check out the photo of one collector's striking display of the entire series.

    • BMW M1 Print
    • 3rd Print in the BMW CCA Foundation "American Legacy Series"
    • IMSA Camel GTO Championship Winner 1981 Car driven by David Cowart and Kenper Miller
    • 16" x 12" Print
    • This print is produced from the original painting.  This is not just a computer generated image.
    • Limited Edition 1 of 100 Prints - Individually Numbered Produced by artist Steve Dunn.
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